Yes, we all use social media.

The question is how (which platforms,) how much,  and for which purpose? 

As a followup to the self-assessment vis-a-vis the Conversation Prism, our class discussed our individual findings. While in no way scientific, (we didn’t compare hours, minutes etc.) my impression was that our group was quite predictable in its digital/social use patterns. 

I made some anecdotal observations: 

  • Given some common work/business background, we all found it hard to separate our work life from our personal life, although we each expressed the blurring of those lines differently. 
  • Generally, the purpose of use was to stay in touch with family and friends or keep on top of current news and events. 
  • Younger members of the group do gravitate more toward Tweets, Instagram and Pinterest, and were probably more actively sharing their opinion than passively keeping up.
  • There were very few mentions of phone calls for conversation… I guess that “one to many” conversations is where the world is going. 
  • Shopping has changed… either using social shopping sites or relying on the curation done by preferred stylists or by a specific situation such as motherhood.

Lastly, even though we are all dealing with tech, the underlying sense was still that we are all after a meaningful social connection. 


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