Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

As we’re wrapping up the semester, we are all reflecting on this course. What comes next in this reflection may come across as a cliché. Nevertheless, the truth is, that I found myself looking forward to every single live session. 

This was the first class for all of us as part of this degree program, and so there were a lot of “firsts.” First time using the asynchronous remote learning platform; first time having to record video responses to discussion questions; first time in a really long while (for me) of having to keep up with weekly academic assignments, including papers, tweets, and blog posts. 

My overall sense if this class was great. The group interacted well. We had a diverse set of individuals bringing in different backgrounds, points of view and personalities. We had an easygoing professor who made everyone get involved and contribute to the conversation. 

The course material set a baseline for a deeper and contextual understanding of the evolution of digital media technologies, the way they shaped society and culture and assessing them vis-a-vis technology, legal and regulatory considerations. In some ways every one of the topics we covered brought up ideas and reflections on different experiences. 

A big part of this course was about immersing each student in a digital media conversation. The weekly blog post reflection, the video responses, and tweets about current affairs. All of these different mediums mesh well together for digital storytellers. For some of us, (ahm digital natives,) this was easier, but, here we are, with much of this effort flowing more easily.

I was already seeing how some takeaways that resonated with me helped me this past week when I was looking at some new venture ideas. My view of some companies has changed.  

I want to end this post on a happy note. I know that by participating in this class I gained knowledge, depth, and insight, and hopefully made some new friends. With that, I hope everyone had a good end of the semester, and that you have a wonderful new year. I hope to see and interact with everyone more next year and throughout our journey.

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