Social Media, From a Communicator’s Viewpoint

When I began to use social media, it was more for business purposes. I have seen the social media market grow from its very beginning. The first platform I used was LinkedIn, and it still is a great resource for me to use in my professional life. Personally, I’ve been more hesitant with FaceBook, and even though there was a more active phase for my use, I’ve been distancing myself from that platform in recent years. Yes, I absolutely adore its ability to connect me with the family, friends and acquaintances that are geographically spread. It’s been a great way of sharing milestones and announcing news and events. But there is a privacy cost to exposing one’s life, one that I am uncomfortable with, and the need for that privacy has made me pull back. 

I am not surprised by the trends reports. As new platforms come up, so do new users, and each segment of the population tends to gravitate toward one thing. Partly this is due to good product definition and strategy on part of the newcomers; as an investor in tech, we know that new startups invariably need to find a niche into which they can grow, one where they can show uniqueness and where they can show an audience. That’s how we build successful companies. So when innovative/new companies come along, they will market to different demographics, and both papers reflect that. 

As a parent and a marketer, I have always cautioned my kids to think carefully about every post they make on social media. I’d be interested in evaluating more of how the newer platforms, that cater to these younger audiences, are using (or not) the data that they gather about their audience.  As a marketer, I am looking forward  to finding more insights into optimizing social media in the B2B space.

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